Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Time for a lunch change - Omelette on toast

Argh, I'm sorry, I am so all over the place at the moment that I just cant seem to get things in order these days which is so not like me which is making me panicky! 
Calm down bee!
So here is one of my lunches I had which isn't nothing special but hey - It's a change! Which is quite a challenge for me to do but one I can say I have conquered today =]

Omelette on toast

2 egg whites
~ 8 mushrooms, sliced
handful of spinach
1 large tomato, sliced
slice of toast (spread with marmite)

sprinkle with rocket and dried basil


1. Just placed everything into a small non stick frying pan and ensure all the ingredients keep moving to prevent sticking. ( In order was spinach, eggs, mushrooms, tomato).

2. To ensure it was cooked through, I placed a lid on top and then took it off after a small time and place under the grill on low until most water is evaporated.

3. Spread some toast with a small layer of marmite and served the egg on top with some pepper and rocket. 

Yum yum =]

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