Friday, 20 December 2013

Blogging withdraw symptoms! Not enough time in the day - Quick review friday!

I am so annoyed with myself recently. I love finding the time in my day to sit down and relax on an evening to read the various blogs on the WWW. Yet have felt so on the go yet so tired recently that I feel as if my brain cannot function as quickly or efficiently enough; thereby avoiding the computer all together to attend my daily living duties which are less of interest but needing to be done. Just getting up every morning and deciding on what to eat has become more of a struggle as it comes up to the festive season - yet my mind is bubbling with ideas left, right and centre! How I need to priorities my day with what is essential and what is not yet being so confused I end up paralysed; frozen to my home as the coldness of winter hits the button on slow motion and all errands and tasks build up as I struggle to get going.
Well, I guess I have a small bit of time now to give a quick Friday review yet appoligies that instead it comes in the form of simply collages of images... enjoy...

It has been a lovely week really on analysis and I guess quite unexpected. I decided to read my horoscopes for this coming week which was something I did on a weekly basis but as I have been a bit stressed what with trying to organised every aspect of my life - food, shopping, christmas shopping, cleaning, tidying, contacting friends and family, attending appointments ect - I have just not really felt in the mood to reading them as I just couldn't mentally engage with it. But it felt right to this week and oh how I was astonished but how spot on it sounded to how I have been feeling recently. But one of the points made for this week - here is my scientific head on - is that apparently Uranus was retrograde since July and is now back to normal and so things should be getting a bit better - which is how I have felt my mood has changed for this week. In addition it has been lovely to have been surprised by the various messages which I have received from all types of media - a text to meet up for a coffee with the lovely Sally (who I have not managed to see since that memorable day Sunday 19th May 2013, at John Lewis I will never forget), an invite from my lovely friend Alice asking to meet up for a movie night to see the new Hunger games movie out in the cinema, a unexpected Christmas card from the lovely, thoughtful Verity who I had met in steps this past summer (a beautiful handmade card enclosing a handmade crochet Christmas holly decoration!), and also a card sent in the post by Sally with a family photo on it. Awh bless. I feel truly thankful for all those who thought enough of me to do such a kind gesture! It is truly the little things in life which matter the most!

Also I have been bombarded with many baking projects from icing my Nan's Christmas cake to making Christmas bakes for family and friends. All which take intricate planning and arranging! So time consuming but I do enjoy it - I just wish I perhaps had just a bit more energy to cope with it all! =[
Right... Must dash... tomorrow on the agenda is baking, shopping and Christmas card delivering! - Oh and then hopefully a lovely evening to have another blogging update!
Speak soon!

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