Sunday, 8 December 2013

Crafty Sunday Morning - Felt motif for Cousin Rupert!

I was asked recently by my Auntie to assist in producing a creation to apply onto a handmade felt bag she is making at a mother and baby evening class for my cousin 'Rupert'. 
The bag will be used for placing all of his toys in which they use for the class and so to indicate which bag is his I decided it would be nice to apply his name to the bag and perhaps a motif of the traditional 'Rupert the Bear'.
On Saturday I had bought some various squares of colourful felt from my local fabric land which would accommodate the colours used for Rupert bear; so all I wanted to do now was find a online template and create my own stencil to trace and cut out from the felt pieces. 
I loved this one as the gesture is just how Rupert is - Jolly, happy and full of beans! He also responds to reaching high in the sky too which I felt was quite relevant. I also found a original font of Rupert the bear and used this again as a template to cut out letters to personalise the bag in red felt.

In terms of the features, I did attempt drawing them on with a sharpie pen but the resulting effect was not one I was after; therefore I had an idea to just hand stitch in black the additional features such as his recognisable yellow trousers and other touches.  
Project accomplished - so all I need to do now is to contact my auntie to ask when she is free to pop down the bag so I can apply it to the bag =] Hope she likes it!

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