Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sweet and Sour Prawns - Leftover pineapple used up.

I understand that this bowl looks rather full but I tell you it is full of lots of flavourful, tasty veg =]

I have been so busy recently and felt too tired to get myself into gear - so much so that I haven't managed to plan any meals and hence set goals or challenges for the week as I feel I have to prepare before I take the 'plunge' so to call. I hate not being able to know or have set a plan for the week - I just feel like I am setting myself up for myself giving in to the ED. Just having stuff to satisfy my ED.
So, my decisions this week is mostly dictated by what I have available in the fridge. I had some pineapple left over in the fridge and so I decided to prepare myself a dish I tend to enjoy of 'Sweet and sour Prawns' with rice noodles and spaghetti courgette.
I also had to hand some beansprouts, carrots, peppers, cucumber and I also chucked in some frozen mixed veg too.
Actually thinking about it, I believe I may have used the chicken and mango stir fry recipe as the basis of this dish and then adapted it with optional additions to enhance the texture and flavour.
Tasty =]     

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