Saturday, 18 January 2014

Just a day feeling a tad drowned in emotion... Chill to a playlist...

Well, Today has been a bit of here there and everywhere to be honest, which is never new really. I'm just feeling a lot of fear recently as I anticipate the concept of having another hospital admission as I am feeling I am unable to make new challenges at the rate which is required for me to gain to a healthier place. I have been dashing around the kitchen all this morning to conjure up a range of bakes that I have wanted to try out; mostly due to the annoyance of waste which we as humans tend to not think twice about. But if we thought a little more we could save the environment a tad... but I have to say it does take a lot of effort into thought as now my head is hurting =[ I'm confused as it is often very rare for me to have a headache these days so I try to solve this puzzle in my head - hurting it just a bit more Haha. I thought it may be due to it being lunch time but even after I still found my head pounding?? I have put it down to a 'stress head ache' I felt thinking too hard, even to allow me to organise myself to strike of some of the things I have on my 'To do' list. So I tried to just STOP. Take some time out of my day to simply 'Be' and allow myself to put on some headphones and listen to some 'chill out' music in hope that my head ache may deplete in its severity. 

Whilst searching through the web of suggestions of some of my kind of chill out music, I came across a cool little site called '' I have never been on this site before and it proved to be something which I felt was easy to use and very compatible with my lifestyle in using all my devices and then learning how to share and embed the code to my blog =] I was so impressed by the music I had found and created by the user 'The Kooks' that I just had to add it. It was a beautifully mix of songs which were mostly acoustic and rather inspirational. I did get a tad emotional as I felt I have been bottling up so much emotion recently that it was just simply waiting to come out - and today it did indeed. I simply just led on the floor with a couple of cushions and put on my head phones to shut myself off away from the world; however in an oxymoron way, it brought me closer to the world?? Oh what am I saying Bee? Haha. Anyway, here it is, I hope you enjoy as much as I did =] Actually, this one was the second one I had come across once I had a browse through how this website worked and it is simply one which sums up my year of 2013 (mostly of admissions!)

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