Thursday, 9 January 2014

Leftover potato peelings... Waste not want not =]

From the Coq au vin dish I had prepared on the Wednesday evening, the potato peelings which were leftover caught my eye. Ah ha… What could I do with these instead of throwing them straight into the compost bin?
I referred back to a recipe I had made before by Heston Blumenthal which was shown on channel four for ‘The best mashed potato’.

Without the need of preparing the whole dish and boiling the potatoes ect, I decided to prepare the ingredient which added the flavour to the potatoes which was for ‘infused milk’
I had some 'old' skimmed milk in the fridge I thought I could use up as it wasn't enough I made up the rest with semi-skimmed

I got up quite promptly on the Thursday morning and got straight on it to make this flavourful addition and jar it in one of my handy press lidded jars.

Reserved peelings
240ml skimmed milk

Add the potato peelings to the milk, bring to a boil and remove from the heat. Immediately strain the mixture into a glass jar and discard the peelings.

I chose a bolognaise glass jar however as I had poured the hot milk into the hot jar and closed the lid, once cold the lid hadn't popped down; indicating that this milk is not fully sealed and away from any bacteria which are able to multiply. I think I am going to try attempt 2 tomorrow morning by reheating and using a smaller jar; allowing the liquid to form closer to the top which will prevent the risk of getting any air inside the jar.

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