Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Quick meals without a plan =/

 Well, recently I have been feeling as if things are out of my control as I seem to never find the time to complete things which I desire to achieve. Therefore, I find myself ignore the whole ethos of food and go ahead with life and living on something which could be done better if I took more time with it. I am beginning to recognise myself stick to safe foods and having them regular – restricting my diet which I had worked so hard to avoid going to. Argh! I annoy myself. But I guess in the state of confusion I find myself conjuring up recipes I make from the back of my hand from using what I know already about food.
Here was something I made for lunch which was accomplished through the aid of a handy water vibrating microwave! =]

Bulgur wheat in beef stock with mushroom, egg, tomatoes, cucumber and spinach

I can’t really write a recipe for this dish but I can recall items used which included beef stock cubes and bulgur heated on the hob until all the water had been absorbed. Then using the microwave I placed egg whites, mushrooms, tomatoes into a bowl and heated until the egg was cooked. I added the spinach and then removed. Served this on top of the bulgur and topped with rocket and a side of cucumber.

Thai chilli, ginger, soy bulgur wheat dish with coley

This recipe was achieved using the dish previously made for Prawn & Bulgar salad with soy, ginger and lime dressing.

However, due to the low stock of prawns I had available, I made do and mended by substituting with coley cod fillets and simply followed the same recipe and steam cooked the coley. Quite a tasty dish =]

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