Monday, 10 March 2014

Monday Lunch - Use of the 'natural ceramic pan' =]

Today I started the day out on my computer. I needed to sort my head out as I felt bad that I hadn’t been on it much of yesterday after diverting my attention to attend to one of my projects on my list for ‘tissue paper tracing’; experimenting with different media and techniques to produce something similar to what I envisage in my mind. I did feel pretty productive yesterday but just a bit out of sync of what I would usually allow myself to do. I made my plan for the week first before attending to my email inbox to sort through all of my subscription posts; seeing what inspiration I could gather through various recipients. Not many emails to go through as I had first originally thought I would have. By the time I had read through all of them my mum was now ready to ‘make a move’.
I seem to have caught my eye on another inspiration concept extracted from an email from ‘White Stuff’ to note the trend of ‘wood block printing’ and ‘shibori fabrics’. I wasn’t quite sure what this was referring to so I took the opportunity to google search it and found some lovely inspiration from this blog.

I don't know why but this morning I felt as if society was in a 'rush' and impatient to get to places. For instance, before getting to Aldi we popped up to the postal collection point as mum needed to retrieve a parcel yet returned back to the car to say that they were not able to find it. Not starting well but we then drove to Aldi to have a driver not be helpful in reversing to allow us past. Got to Aldi car park to find it was very busy with all parking spaces taken. Got a space though. People just seemed to be quite slow in exiting the car park. In Aldi I got my groceries but it didn't go without amiss with a couple of shoppers impatiently barging past me to grab an item or two of something without any form of apology. I remained calm though to reassure myself that in terms of Karma, 'What goes around will come around' and so this is just one moment in time which will past but may have its consequences evolved for the persons whose actions were distracting. 
I got my hands on some more seeds too due to the enjoyment from growing my little tomato seeds. To accompany them I am also going to sow 'Rocket' and 'basil' which is hard to buy organic in supermarkets. Afterwards mum asked if I wanted to go to my lovely local 'southville deli' store. As she had asked I took this oppourtunity to visit the store to see whether they had any very popular buckwheat flour in stock - to which to my delight they did indeed. =] £2.13
I noticed when looking around another time that they stock 'Bee Pollen!' However due to the nature of the product in being a really good superfood, it came with a price tag of £6.00.

The shop assistants are so helpful and friendly that it really does bring a smile to my face when I see them every monday morning =] Unfortunatly they were still out of raw cacao powder, so perhaps they will have it next week. Stopped off at the cheapy card shop to noticed that they sold art canvas which was something I have been after. They had a hexagonal one for £1.49 or a A4 thicker depth box canvas for £1.99. I went for the cheaper one as it is for one of my experimental projects. 
Returned home to unpack shopping. Laid out the placemats. Got lunch.

Made one of my normal meals again today of ‘Mushroom & spinach egg white omelette’ with marmite mixed into the spinach and used 2 egg whites. I tried this recipe in the ceramic frying pan which I had bought last week and I have to say that it worked very well. No oil and it cooked splendidly =] I made sure I had cut up the mushrooms into small cubes and defrosted the spinach in the microwave before I had added it to the pan. Mixed the marmite into the spinach and then added this to the pan to cook. Once it looked quite ‘dry’ in the pan and most of the water had evaporated I added the 2 egg whites and left to cook on number ‘5’. Once the egg had turned opaque, I flipped it over and topped with tomatoes. Served with lettuce leaves in a bowl. 

This evening I am in aura of Deliciously Ella's blog and love reading her blog post 'Food Philosophy' - I believe this is the only way I can crack this ED by allowing myself to develop and learn a new way of thinking to create a more acceptable lifestyle - with no strings attached to the past. Its going to take some hard work but I am feeling more determined now than ever before. I've got to do this. I can't go on no more doing what I have been doing for the past 9 years of my life. It will require 'baby steps', taking on little challenges every week, but with the support of the information provided by this lovely 'Ella' I have some hope to hold on to.   

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