Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Time to change - Here's to hopefully a Happy Healthy New Year for 2013!

Note to self - Today is a new day. A new day of challenges which are fought in order to get your life back on track. It's going to be hard but there's no other way round it but through! If I am finding it hard to do it for myself, I have to do this for my mum and my family who I appreciate so much for helping me get through each and everyday. I cannot thank them enough. I never really saw what I was doing to them, but I realise now. I have to listen. As much as I so strongly believe in my own decisions, most the time I cannot do this due to the lack of energy I have. I am now on the quest for happiness which I know won't come easy, but it should be worth it. Let go. Feel the fear and do it anyway...
Welcome to my journey of self discovery, feel free to join me ...

My first challenge of the year 

~ Face the fear of ALMONDS
Today I will add 5 almonds to my breakfast

~ I am going to use my new SPODE BOWL and mug I had bought from Rhodes with a refreshing lemon tea. 

This will be my CHALLENGE bowl.

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