Monday, 23 September 2013

Crafty Friday; Origami crane mobile

Happy Friday! 
I heard that my friend is busy busy busy packing her TWO CARS full of her whole house but her kitchen sink as she starts her first year at Manchester University! I'm so proud of her and so I want to wish her well so I decided to create a little something for her as a gift from her home town of Brizzol!

It was fairly simple to make, but it defiantly needed time and patience to complete, and of course it had to be perfect!

The crane mobile suspended

Bigger cranes at the top which spiral down towards
the bottom getting smaller

A little personalised tag for a friend =]

Tah Dah!

I was so happy with the final product and how much I had enjoyed making them that I have recently signed up to the site to work on developing a little shop. If anyone interested, feel free to browse, its pretty bare atm but its working progress! =] Any support would be much appreciated =] 

Visit my shop...or not... it's up to you... =] ... BeautifullyPetite... only a click away =] x

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