Wednesday, 23 October 2013

All new experience - Big Pasta with my favourite thick lustrous tomato sauce with prawns

I had previously published a post for 'Healthy tomato sauce' which I adored so much I decided to make it again this week. I put this sauce to the test with trying it out with both rice noodles and big pasta twists - both to which I found went well. Therefore today I had planned to create again a batch of this sauce and instead serve it with only one of these two carb options which both are challenging on the head. Unfortunately Sainsbury's had discontinued there 'taste the difference' big pasta, so I searched the web to find that waitrose sourced a similar kind of pasta- big but shell shaped. Perfect. I had this delivered as part of my weekly shop and so I had an excuse to also try this new type of pasta. 

I took a portion of sauce from the batch I had made and mixed it into the 8 big pasta shells I had cooked and then tossed in the steamed raw prawn which again is something I have never tried before. It seemed so much fresher to have cooked them from raw. I also served this dish with mange tout, courgette spaghetti, lettuce and a sprinkling of rocket.

Yummy. I thought it went really well with the prawns but I couldn't help but fill as if I had given myself too much pasta =/ Too big for the bowl - might have to limit it next time to perhaps 5??
I don't know - what do you guys think is a reasonable portion size??

Argh, my head is so distorted!

So now I feel bad - but I need to remember this feeling will pass! 

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