Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Nakd Bar Virgin! - Time to try all natural Banana Bread Bar!

Okay. So I have been meaning to challenge myself by trying this little bar of pure organic goodness. 
Snack bars seem to have been one which has sort of scared me as to be frank I feel as if I have various attachments to this mentally. I mean when I was younger, I guess I would do anything to avoid having them and so this is, I guess, my natural response - similar to that of fight or flight. Any opportunity for me to indulge in such and item would be strictly avoided in my eyes - but this idea needs to change if I am to get my life back.

So today is the day.
Again I could only do this if I make a compromise. Rather than be greedy in having the whole bar, I shall only try a half - just to see if I like it. I am also training my brain to alter its perception that all bars of any sort are 'bad' - this would be classed as bad as it is at the end of the day a snack bar - but mentally its the best of a bad bunch in my new view on the matter as it is free of any artificial chemical mischief and all natural - as nature intended. 

I had this with my dinner.
This had much of a acquired taste and not one I was expecting. Odd and strange. I don't think I like it. 
A bit of an anti climax haha.
So in the end - I didn't have it and I probably won't ever have one again. But at least I guess I can say I tried. 
Now it shall be removed from all of my menu plans! haha. 

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