Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Finally - The taste test of my Lemon Blueberry oat bars!

Lunchtime Challenge - The homemade all natural and healthy lemon blueberry oat bar =]
I made the decision to go for it. My brother wasn't very keen when I got him to try them but then again he was never really keen on blueberries or jelly like textures. (He was more of a chocolate fan rather than sweets)
I took one from the fridge and placed onto a plate. Kodak time as evidence! =]
Mum didn't mention anything about me trying this out - she just sat down with me to have her daily cup of tea with nice biscuits!

So what's the verdict by the baker?
Well, I believe they tasted very fresh and not bad at all if I may say so myself =]
I am proud I have managed to do it, but now I identify that my head is playing with me to give me grief for having it =[
I just have to let this feeling take its toll...

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