Monday, 7 October 2013

Three things I am loving today...

Detailed View
Beehive Cake Stand

1. The Wise Owl mug g 

l 2. The Bee Hive

3. Quick and easy hairstyles to try out g

Happy, happy MONDAY! Well, I sort of had a rather confusing weekend but nevertheless one I can say 'I DID IT'. I was brave enough to make a effort to meet up with a lovely thoughtful uni friend called 'Frank' and do something scary - go out for LUNCH! Argh, I was soo nervous, I got really wound up and upset; not merely because of the situation - I was absolutely delighted that someone had offered to meet up with me, boring old Bee - but merely due to the fact that 'why is it that I cannot just 'go out' and 'enjoy myself' as easy as everyone else seems to be able to manage?' ='[   
I know I probably was a bit of a nervous mute and not very exciting to be with - simply because a hundred and one thoughts repeatedly entered in and out of my head - but I did really appreciate his kind efforts to even acknowledge me and actually want to see me. And once I got out, I guess it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. It was quite eventful as all I could think of was my ED and how people might judge me as I guess I don't really look like a typical 20 year old girl; I mean buying a lottery ticket in the corner shop on the top of my street explained alot - 'I thought you were 16!' 'I'd never had guessed you were 20!' 
Well anyway, looks aside, experiences noted and opportunities taken. I am proud to say I DID IT. I handled the situation and survived!
So right, to the here and now. Let's start the week on a fresh note and so I shall present to all you lovely bloggers out there my three things I am pinning today...
I was just glancing down my blogger feed when I came across this beautiful store - Westelm - to which I was excited to discover that they conveniently offer shipping to the UK! Woohoo!
1. When glancing around I couldn't help but fall in love with this Figurative owl mug. It is also available in a lovely array of beautiful earthy colours which I adore and would love to collect them all!
2. I have to admit I do tend to have a great attraction to all things dining whether that is bowls, plates, mugs, cups all sorts. I just love to collect various design styles which sets a particular mood. And so I guess this is no exception - another find - the Bee Hive cake-stand which is available from the same store as my first find! I do know but perhaps I am just really attracted to this item as it has a specific reference to 'Bee' - me! 
3. And last but not least, I guess recently I haven't been very enthusiastic about my appearance as I just feel too lethargic in the mornings; but when I came across this lovely little tutorial on Couture & crumpets blog I couldn't help but get immersed in the ease of creating beautiful quick and easy hairstyles! Definitely something I should make the effort to try out this week!
Well I guess this is it for now - hope you like as much as I do and hope to see you again soon =]

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