Saturday, 11 January 2014

My little present for cousin Rupert the Bear!

Yeah! Another little project checked off my little (long) list of things that I have needed to get done =] My Auntie at Christmastime had asked of me to design something for a felt bag she had made at a little play group called ‘seedlings’. She only asked for something little like perhaps a bear or his name ‘Rupert’ made out of felt and glued on with glue I had purchased for her from hobby craft. But I went a tad over the recommended specifications required for this little bag. I wanted to ensure that it was lovely enough for her a little Rupert and perhaps keep it for keeps sake =]

Therefore, weeks ago I had prepared the original ‘Rupert the bear’ by using an image found online as my template to which I cut the shapes out of coloured felt piece I bought from fabric land which were perfect – Red, White, Brown and Yellow.

In addition I found the typography for the RUPERT letters which I had too cut out from the red piece of felt.

It was a while before I obtained his bag to attach these individual pieces on and add the detailing on the bear’s face, scarf, trousers and hands and feet; as Rupert needed his bag every Thursday. On New years day I was given the lovely crafted bag made by my auntie so all I needed was a bit of time on a day in the week to attach the pieces on!

And so that day was Friday 10th January 2014! I did have quite a busy morning of painting the kitchen walls pure brilliant white and so decided to finish off my day with a relaxing sit down and an evening of stitching! I didn’t manage to finish it all as I think my eyes were going slightly square from the concentration; so I packed up and gave it a final crack first thing the following morning, ready to give to my auntie later on in the day as she was coming to Bristol to visit my nan. =]

I am quite pleased with the final product and too I managed to cover up most of the glue my auntie had accidently got onto the bag as she tried to stick some red ribbon around the bottom of the bag. I gave her the bag on the Saturday and she was over the moon! She was soooo pleased with it that I think she said that she couldn’t wait to go to her Seedlings class to show it off! Awh bless =]

All the concentration had paid off! =] Haha

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