Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Quick DIY Tuesday/Wednesday... IPhone Wallet case =]

IPhone DIY Wallet Case
Beautifully Petite

Okay, I believe I have spent quite a lot of my time recently search high and low on many-a-sites recently which predominately included sites such as Pinterest, House of Fraser, google shopping, Etsy and many more; in my quest to come across a desired looking/fit IPhone case/pouch/wallet to accommodate my new iPhone 5s phone (the gold one). This was given to me by ‘Santa’ for Christmas just gone which I have to say was indeed a lovely upgrade gift to replace my old IPhone 3gs which to this point has become very much tired, slow and sluggish in its function – a bit like how I have been feeling recently I guess you could say! Haha. But having looked online and seeing all the options out there for sale, I just found so my it was hard to choose – price was also a major consideration of mine also as I didn’t really want to spend too much on a case seeming as I had already bought a lovely ‘Cath Kidston Little Birds Case for iPhone 5 & 5s’ via John Lewis. I really love the bird print for this case and so I would feel bad to purchase a protective cover to hide it. In addition, not all the cases would be suitable as they clip the phone in securely to the pouch – prevent the Cath Kidston case to be seen. It was very hard to find a case which I would be able to slide my phone into and yet still close it shut.
Eventually I decided to look into the idea of a purse/wallet. This I gathered would be perfect once given some thought as not only would my phone be quite easy to access whilst staying protected but also I could still keep my Cath Kidston case on it =]

However, as I had discovered on evening whilst planning out the options to take in getting myself a protective wallet type case nothing seemed quite ‘perfect’ but I did find some options I could take. Reverting back to a previous post on ‘Things I am liking at the moment’, this purse was still on my mind ‘In a Nutshell’, but I wasn’t quite sure how my phone would fit into it. Hence I would need to take a trip to HOF which was the primary place I found the item and ‘try it out’. But I need it now =[ Plus it was still £20 ish. I thought to give John Lewis a try as I had remembered I had been given some vouchers from my grandparents last Christmas to go towards a new purse. Bingo! I found one of the most beautiful pouches by a lovely little brand called ‘Apple&Bee’ ‘B is for Bee’. It is perfect yet again I am unsure as it is designed to be a ‘coin purse’.

I still have a lot of uncertainty as to what to do.
Oh decisions decisions!
Reverting again back to one I saw on Etsy; I really did like just the plain simplicity and the fact that it was essentially made for IPhone 5s.

I left it at that and slept on it!
On catching up on reading some of my favourite blogs, I came across a lovely little DIY for a ‘No sew clutchwalleton the blog ‘Always Rooney’. This particular tutorial used leather as the material for the clutch yet I thought ‘why not use these steps but recreate one out of felt, made to fit my IPhone?’

So I got on it one Tuesday afternoon; creating paper templates and adjusting here and there. I found some tan felt which wasn’t big enough so I thought I could use a contrasting felt for part of the wallet. I found dark brown; but then came the tricky part – understanding the construction of the felt and then solve the ‘seam’ problems to which my answer could only suggest a lining. It took time to prepare but eventually I got stuck into it – simply using items I had on hand and using the Etsy wallet as inspiration.  

I couldn't complete it all this evening but I did manage to prepare it by pinning in my lining and so just add the finishing touches to it (Fastening, seams ect.)
This was my number one task I had to do Wednesday morning and I did it! =] I had a gander in my sewing box to fit a stash of lovely odd buttons and snap buttons. I wanted a rather vintage theme to which I spotted I had a single tarnish effect button and small, medium and large snap buttons to choose from. I opted for the medium one. Just as a last finishing touch I found some cotton tape to which I assembled into a tab to stitch on and using some recently bought stamps and ink pad, I stamped my initial 'B' onto it and sewed it to the front flap. 

Tah dah! All finished! And I hate to say it but I kind of like it =]

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