Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Waitrose Kitchen Magazine; Feb 2014

Today I needed to (try) and relax. But this task seems to be one so difficult for me to achieve as I have constant thoughts that pop in and out of my head which often consists me to criticise that thought and I guess target to myself in some way. A head full of ‘I must’ ‘I should’ ‘I have to’ ‘I shouldn’t’ – I can never win in my head. So even taking this morning to do a simple task of reading a magazine was somewhat classed as something I ‘shouldn’t do’. I simply had to do the opposite of what my little head was saying just go with it, yet for some odd biochemical reason, I felt anxious and tired.
Anyway, I went with this feeling of mine and achieved to complete this task only to glance through and lose myself in the beautiful food photography presented to me in the little recipe book. I love the warm colours and how it creates an almost ‘cosy, snuggled in for winter hibernation’ feeling. It’s the simple pleasures in life I suppose and simply pouring a hot warming cup of coffee into a favourite mug on a cold winter morning, or ladling spoonfuls of hot warming soup into a cute vintage bowl; this somewhat makes me happy. Perhaps my almost glimpse into the future of how I hope that one day I would be able to live; to enjoy the pleasures that food brings which can be simply healthy and nutritious. At this point, I can somewhat identify my anxiety reducing and am beginning to feel much calmer and at ease.

I loved the pictures in the book so much that I decided to create a little collage using picasa.  
I loved the little notebook which would remind me too of the fruit and veg which are to be in season for this month also. 
Recipes to which these pictures refer to are for :
1. Herb Scented Marmalade
2. Kale with chickpeas & Blush oranges
3. Orange Winter fruit Salad
4. Blueberry pancakes with maple butter
5. Winter kale and barley soup

Challenges I could face...
1. The perfect vegan pancake - from oneingredientchef
2. Some sort of salad with oranges - I choose this one via the free people blog for Winter Citrus Salad

Waitrose Kitchen Articles of Interest this month...

1.         Blog –
2.        How to make the perfect American pancakes pg.20
3.        Pomegranates – “Have vitamin C to help keep teeth white”
4.       Bakery Business Inspiration – “"
5.       “Alice Waters” article on the education of food:

“I ponder the question of health and safety”

“I think the safety is in knowing your farmer.” Alice explains. “Nothing is safer.”

“discriminates against people by making them eat food that is not good for them”

“Alice’s mission is to capture the minds of children, to make them appreciate food…”

“We need to introduce food into kindergarden…”

“…count with fruit, draw pictures of food, cook in dramatic art classes. Food is fundamental to life, to the life of the planet, and there is nothing more important than to teach that.”

“…introduce physical fitness into the curriculum, so they should with food”


“If your mantra is fast, cheap and easy, you miss out on the important things in life.”

6.       FAMILY Pork shoulder braised in milk pg.73
7.        ME Quick spiced prawns (Omit coconut) pg.84
8.       Mushrooms – “High potassium for muscle function”
9.       Swede – “Low cal with vitamin C to help absorb iron”
10.     FAMILY How to make Gnocchi and serve with tomato sauce pg.93
11.       FAMILY RICE GRATIN with chard – leftover chard stalks used for lunch recipe…
12.      FAMILY Eggs, chard & crushed peas on sourdough bread 

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