Friday, 7 March 2014

Day 8 - Tomato shoots transferred to bigger pot, sowed some more seeds

I started the day today with a structured list. I had a plan. I had spent most of my Thursday constructing a pair of pyjama bottoms using an old pair of Topshop jogging bottoms as my template for helping me draft my paper pattern. I found an old 100% cotton sheet I had obtained from hospital which I have to say was perfect for using for my toile construction. I set up my work station in the back room with both the ironing board and steam generator iron out along with my much loved sewing machine at the ready. I tried to remind myself to not rush this project, considering how slow my body seems to be responding recently which has at times been frustrating; knowing what it is that I want to do but unable to allow my body to achieve the action that I am intending to perform. However, despite my frustration to do things at a quick pace I have learnt a lot today in terms of learning to accept it is okay to make mistakes during the construction process as it allows you to learn and grow wiser in understanding the ways to make the, what seems to be a ‘disaster’, right. =] It has been quite a different approach that I am use to thinking but one I have found quite useful in hindsight as I believe by accepting that things may go wrong and being okay with this, I was able to feel a touch relaxed. As a result, I managed to complete this project which had been playing on in the back of my mind for quite a while now.
I got my mother to try on my toile which was considered to be a size ‘8’ yet as I watched her put on the pyjama bottoms, I noticed the extremely tight squeeze she had when pulling them up. Oh dear. They do not fit her. Yet, I took this situation as one I can learn from. It was identified that the jogging bottoms I had used for drafting my pattern were constructed from a double jersey fabric which obviously provided to some degree a good amount of stretch, hence the tight fit. In addition, my mother had added that they were too very tight on anyway dispite there stretch. I felt defeated a tad as yet again I got not produce a garment that has actually fitted my mother =[ However, I took this opportunity to try on the pair of trousers myself and found that they were small enough to fit me! =] Perfect! They were also made to the right length and the hem looked fine compared to some difficulty I had found in the past with previous projects. Perhaps if there is any fabric left over from the pair I make mum I could make some myself =]. Therefore, I was highly motivated to follow the pattern I had found free online by simplicity for pyjama bottoms stated XS. Now I know the instructions as to how to construct each piece I may not take half the time in making the toile.
I woke up today to finish off hemming the toile for the XS PETITE pyjama bottoms and then continued to XS SIMPLICITY paper pattern. I started this project this morning from 9.10am – 13.00pm to which I had completed all except the hem which I had planned to continue after lunch as I felt my little brain getting a tad tired and frazzled – not recommended if I am to avoid any mistakes in the project. Therefore I cleared up the bits of thread scattered around the back room and made my way to the kitchen to attend to my second task of the day – ‘Transfer my tomato seed seedling to a bigger pot’. The sun was shining brightly this afternoon which was lovely and uplifting – definitely a feeling of spring in the air – at time of ‘new growth’ so to speak =]

Tomato shoots – day 8
This didn’t take me too long to complete despite the thoughts in my mind telling me otherwise that this was just going to be ‘too exhausting’ and ‘time consuming’ – but it wasn’t. And I felt better for getting outside and taking a slight ‘breather’. Done.
Tidied the kitchen – all clean =]
Got my normal Friday lunch with both apple and orange and attended to look at the next thing on the agenda for the day. ‘Make Lemonies’ for my family as I know they liked them. However I couldn’t help but notice the bananas I had left in the wired basket in the corner of the kitchen – Ah Ha, perhaps it may be a good opportunity to try out the ‘Banana Bread’ recipe my mum seemed quite keen to try. Plus it was nutritionally acceptable whilst classed as ‘grain-free’. I got ahead to make this new little recipe.

I had a bit of time and completed the rest of the errands...
# Clean out the rabbit
#Hoover the house (kitchen, backroom, hallway, lounge)
#Finish hemming mum's trousers ready for her to try on later
#Make the drawstring for the trousers
#Make Supper
#Bath night
#Waitrose shop online

Heard that my brother has a job interview in London this weekend which is promising =] This could be perhaps due to the retrogrades returning back to normal over the next coming days? I am so happy for him as I understand that on an emotional level things have been hard for him recently. I wish him well but what will be will be =]

Wow, well I have to say today was a very productive day yet I somewhat feel not like my normal self =/ My head hurts with all the questions but with no energy to answer them like I am usually able to do =/ 

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