Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Oh, look what I treated myself to... FABRICLAND

On today's list was 'TOWN' to attend too some errands. Firstly, we needed to return a small 20cm ceramic frying pan which stated 'induction' yet it did not work on our hob. Just on the off chance we had another look at the selection of frying pans they had to offer to see if there was anything better suited. We found one which looked promising, RRP£29.99 but selling for £9.99.It did look quite substantial in its construction so we thought to give this a go instead. This was and extra £2 more.

I went to fabricland today to have a look at their range of fabrics that they have in stock. I have various projects on my mind that I would love to achieve and complete but I seem to make the excuse that I ‘never have time’. Often times I visit this store I go with the intention of buying perhaps just 1 meter of a specific fabric but then I would ‘back out’ of this idea to think that whittling all the fabrics that I like down to one or two seems mentally too difficult to contemplate; so I end up  leaving the store with nothing. =[ How will I ever complete anything if I keep thinking ‘I don’t need it?’

Today I challenged myself. I don’t feel that I should have as now I feel bad and too much like I have just over indulged myself when I should be saving. Instead of just choosing one fabric, I chose two just because I like them and I believe they both have good potential in producing something unique, and I didn’t just buy 1 meter, but I bought 1.5 meters! Summing up to a total of £11.08! I have never spent this much in one go before. I Ieft the shop with feeling somewhat guilty and confused. Was this the right fabric to have chosen? Should I have bought any at all?

£3.69 PER MT. 112cm or 44inches wide. 100% Cotton. x (1.5 meters)

Other fabrics I like:

After this first trip, me and mum made our second trip to Sainsburys. Again two other useful items had caught my eye which I should have bought either.
1.  A tin of ALPHABET COOKIE CUTTERS  - was £14.99 now £9.99
2. A CORAL COLOURED A4 FOLDER – was £1.99 now £0.99

I would have been able to simply overlook these items to believe that I did not want them yet something in me felt sort of ‘right’ that it may have meant to be but I didn’t want to admit it. Too much spending in one go =[ I dithered before I accepted this purchase with the safety that I could always take them back if I change my mind.

Other little somethings I should note today...
A week after planting my tomato seeds and I am happy to announce that a few seeds have sprouted =] I am so happy and I used a handy thoughtful tip whenever there is any leftover pasta water, simply use this to water the plants as there are many nutrients contained within. This was clearly seen whenever I had just watered the pot of soil as the following few hours later there seemed to be more strength then little sprouted stems which are yet to establish themselves =]
Today I took the opportunity to also sow the pepper seeds I had dried out over a week ago in a polystyrene cup. I used an old marmite pot with the top cut out as a viewing window. I filled the pot with soil from the garden and scattered a few seeds onto the surface. Recovered with another layer of soil and watered with the last bit of pasta water. Covered with a piece of cling film and then replaced the lid. Now just wait for nature to do its thing =]

I had no energy this to know what I should prepare myself this evening for supper. Therefore to prevent the anxiety I opted to have a 'challenge' by attempting to try one of my meals I had made a while back but kept in the freezer; this was for the Spicy Cajun Cod Quinoa which I had posted the recipe of a while back in November 2013.

Spicy Cajun Cod Quinoa - additions made to the leftovers in the freezer

1 Romano red pepper, sliced in half

Serving with:
'Lettuce wraps' 
Once reheated the quinoa in the sauce pan with some mushroom stalks and 1 grated carrot; I place this mixture into a softened romano pepper and baked in the oven for 10 mins at 200'C. 
I then served up the leftovers of the quinoa on top of the pepper once ready to serve and then added a side of broccoli florets, green beans, sliced carrots. and celery.

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