Friday, 18 October 2013

Just a tasty Dinner...

Wow. Time just flies by and as it does so I can't help but just feel so anxious about things in my life. Questions crop up out of nowhere to just ask myself things like 'what I am doing with my life?' 'Where are you going with all these ideas in your head?'
That's what it is, just thoughts after endless thoughts going around and around in my head never ending and yet end up stood in the same place. It's frustrating yet  this feels comforting and the only way I can handle life. Why do I find the easiest things in life so difficult!? Why do I feel anxious just to visit a friend I haven't seen in a while? I appreciate so much when I am invited to something as this is an aspect of my life I have found rather difficult to handle as in secondary school I always seemed to be left out and ignored. Unwanted and misunderstood.

Anyway, I won't bore you anymore with my life story. Life has dealt me this hand of cards which I must play and so I just have to continue along this path. 

So. This is what I cooked up for my dinner...

Three egg-white salad with Bulgar and red cabbage... Oh and a carrot on the side!   

 There isn't really a recipe for this dish as I sort of just made it up as I went along but in short all I did was separate 3 eggs to obtain a bowl of egg white and place in the microwave and cover for a minute or so until cooked. On the hob I simmered a small amount of Bulgar in veg stock (1/2 a oxo stock cube) and then added some shredded red cabbage (and optional mushrooms and peppers). Once most of the liquid had evaporated and absorbed I added the cooked egg white and chopped it up into chunks and then mixed it all together in the saucepan. Served in a bowl over a bed of spinach and topped with more spinach and cucumber.

Odd combinations I can imagine you thinking but hey, I love red cabbage and egg white! haha =]

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