Monday, 28 October 2013


My creation; A batch of 20 handmade cupcakes for cousin Tia's 5th birthday party
Well, I guess I should say sorry for not being very active on the blogging front but this week has been quite a challenge, but one I have enjoyed very much so! I was able to put on my creative head as I have been asked by my auntie to design and make 20 cupcake to put into my cousin,Tia's friend's party bags. 

Immeadiately I gathered much of my inspiration from the fabulous invention that is of 'pinterest'! Creating various boards and pinning all that I felt I may require. I wanted to try various sugar crafting techniques which I got much helpful advice from reading interesting cake decorating blogs; I researched places to provide me with the tools needed and bought myself bits and pieces from the much loved site 'eBay' and also shop around my local area.

After much time spent on the internet I had a vague idea of how I wanted to go about making these cupcake - It had to be a pink princess theme and incorporate some delicate butterflies into the equation too! =]
I tried out doing two toned butter icing for the topping of the cupcakes and then also tried out adding red food colouring to white chocolate to create a varied selection of butterflies. 
Ooh. How about princess tiaras too!? So I tried that idea out also and allowing it to curve and sit to dry on a glass. 

Once all the cupcakes were frosted, it was time to decorate! I tried out 4 different designs and varied each one to some degree. 
1. Peppa Pig wafer butterflies 
2. Sugar paste butterflies 
3. White chocolate tiaras 
4. Sugar paste tiaras with stamped lettering. 
To add to this, I decorated too with things I could find in the supermarket such as pink sugar, silver balls, hundreds and thousands, white chocolate stars (big and small), pearly sugar beads and tried out some edible lustre dust. 

So after two long days, here we have it! the finished selection of cupcakes for a bunch of 5 year olds to tuck into!
Oh, and my Auntie was very pleased with her original specification of 'Just some plain cupcakes with a big of frosting on top!' =]

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