Saturday, 5 October 2013


I have to say, starting my blogging adventure and reading all the beautiful interesting posts people make across the world, I find myself stuffing my head full of many extravagant ideas under the categories of baking, crafting, decorating, reusing, fashionising and many more! I then start to detangle all these ideas out of my head and attempt to put it onto paper to form a rather long 'To do' list - constantly return back to the list to add further creations which are often filling my mind. So in the end I get a tad annoyed as I spend too much time thinking and not enough DOING! ... until today!! =]

Look what I bought online which arrived in the post today...

Post-it notes and washi tape!!!
Sad enough to say it but I was extremely excited to be receiving this roll of washi tape as I do indeed consider myself to be a washi tape virgin! There are so many uses of it shown on various DIY articles, however though, this gem is not extremely accessing in shops in the UK - or at least finding a beautifully designed tape stocked. Not to mention it too took me a rather long time to come to a finite decision on which design to purchase online; but I did finally give in to purchase this one - swayed by the fact that it was the cheapest 10m roll I could find, and I am so glad I got it as it basically was just what I was looking for =]

The post-it notes were, I guess, a good find also as the speech bubble design is the cheapest one I had come across online - but again I had the design making dilemma. What colour shall I opt for? Shall I go for Square? Shall I go for Clouds? Shall I go for Hearts? Speech bubble? Telephone? - the variety is endless! But I thought that for what I am using them for this would be suitable. Plus I already have some cheap square ones already I could use.    

So what is this creation you are wanting to make with this small selection of materials I hear you ask!?
Well, I would love to say I thought of it myself, but I didn't - I found great inspiration from the lovely Martha Stewart for a idea of a adaptable Wall calender.

That's amazing! Its so customisable and organised and is just what I need for my room as quite often I do tend to loose track of days and dates ect.

I ran upstairs to get started on this project which has been on my list for a while now and knowing that I have now got the stuff to do it with, I get on it like sonic to make a start. And indeed what's more - I FINISHED IT!
And here it is...
My creation made on the side of my wardrobe at a view viewing point =] Unfortunately I ran out of blue post-it notes to finish it off so had to opt in with my yellow ones. I will use the speech bubble post-it notes on special days.

Thanks for your viewing of my blog post and wishing you all a happy weekend =] x

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